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Discover the True Power of Carrier Oils

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Online Course with Susan M Parker


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Carrier oils do so much more than carry a formula. These nourishing oils feed the skin with a wide range of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

As more people struggle with sensitization to essential oils, they turn to carrier oils to heal and calm their skin.

This course will guide you through the ever growing number of carrier oils so that you can knowledgeably pick the right ones for every situation.

Take the guesswork out of choosing carrier oils

This course will guide you in creating a palette of carrier oils to work with for skincare, and creativity in formulating.

You’ll learn how to use carrier oils effectively, and how to create result specific combinations for conditions like oily skin, dry skin, inflammation, damaged skin and more.

This course covers the basics and takes you beyond into the specifics of how to select, understand and use carrier oils for all your skincare and aromatherapy formulas.

Become the expert your friends, clients and customers go to first…

When clients, family or customers ask for your help in solving specific issues, you’ll be able to approach the task with confidence and knowledge of which carrier oils to use.

All carrier oils are fixed oils, but not all fixed oils make good carrier oils. The term carrier oil gives us a sense of how the fixed oil is used.

For example, a fixed oil that is used to to carry an essential oil blend, or one we use to create a base for a skincare formula is called a carrier oil. You can also use a neutral fixed oil as a carrier oil for some of the highly pigmented, anti-oxidant rich fixed oils like sea buckthorn, buriti or tamanu oil.

As a student and graduate of this course, you will have the language and knowledge to help others understand the differences between fixed oils and carrier oils.

Stay ahead of this ballooning trend…

New fixed/carrier oils are popping up all over the place and coming to us from all over the globe. I’ve seen whole premium skin care lines based around a single fixed/carrier oil. It might be a trend right now, but it is one I know is here to stay.

Twenty years ago, when I was developing my own skin care line, I discovered the fixed/carrier oils. We didn’t have a lot to choose from back then, sweet almond, olive, sesame and a few others. I loved that they were a food, nutritious oils pressed from seeds, nuts and kernels. And I could feel how nutritious they were on the skin.

That kicked off nearly two decades of research and slowly collecting and evaluating all the information I could dig up on these wonderful fixed/carrier oils. I shared all of this with you in my book The Power of the Seed.

Since the book has been published, new oils have come onto the market. This course will give you a peek at some of these new oils, while creating a solid foundation for your own ongoing research and work.

Take a peek at what’s inside the course…

We’ll look at the fatty acids to get a grounding in the fixed/carrier oils. The fatty acid makeup of an oil tells us so much. It is in a way, a code that gives us a complete blueprint to the oil. From this we can evaluate how to use the oil effectively, how to mix it with other oils to enhance its strengths and neutralize any weaknesses. For example, some oils feel more “oily” than others, but still have superior skin nourishing elements. So we would mix it with a “dry” oil to help neutralize the oily feel.

I show you how to evaluate refined and unrefined oils. While it is true we want oils in their most natural state, some oils are better refined. Argan oil for example has a very strong unpleasant odor, and so most of what we buy is deodorized. This is good refining. But some manufacturers strip all but the fatty acids leaving the oil without much character or skin healing benefits. We discuss this in week three when we also look at the healing fraction of oils, or the unsaponifiable portion.

My mother told me once, you don’t need to memorize everything, you just need to know where to go look it up. I’ve added dozens of monographs to this course. Study them now, reference them ongoing. Here’s a few examples…

I’m not a scientist…

I’m an herbalist by training, a formulator and soap maker by experience and a researcher fueled by my love of these wonderful fixed/carrier oils.

I admit, when I first started researching the oils I had no idea how important the fatty acids were let alone what they even were. Being an art major I see the world in shape and form so the fatty acids became the architecture of the oils, and not the mystery of chemistry at all.

My mentor, a chemist helped me understand the basics of the fatty acids and I will be that mentor and guide for you.

Go beyond simply carrying your formulas and discover the true reparative and skin nourishing possibilities of fixed/carrier oils

This course is for you if:
  • You’re frustrated by the guesswork of choosing carrier oils and want to make more effective purchases and selections. 
  • You want to know more about how to use carrier oils as skincare and with essential oils.
  • You strive to make the most effective massage oils possible for yourself or your clients.
  • You’re overwhelmed ​​by all the choices of carrier oils available and want to make more deliberate purchases.
  • You’re committed to creating exceptional essential oil blends by combining them with carrier oils that support the therapeutic purpose of your blends.
  • You are getting a tiny bit (or a lot) obsessed with these wonderful carrier oils and you want an excuse to stock up on some of the new oils on the market. 

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